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Portland Homeowners' Guide to a Prosperous New Year

Brian Getman

Brian Getman is a seasoned Realtor and principal broker at (w)here real estate with nearly two decades of experience in real estate...

Brian Getman is a seasoned Realtor and principal broker at (w)here real estate with nearly two decades of experience in real estate...

Dec 22 1 minutes read

As the calendar turns over to another fresh start, we in the Portland, Oregon, community often consider ways we might improve our own corners of the world. For homeowners, in particular, this time of year can be ripe with opportunity to enhance both the personal joy and the market value of your home. From the historic Victorian residences of Northwest District to the mid-century modern marvels in the Dunthorpe area, every homeowner can find ways to uplift their living space. Here are seven New Year’s resolutions tailored to Portland homeowners eager to enrich their domicile and community in the coming year.

1. Embrace Eco-Conscious Living

In a city celebrated for its dedication to the environment, Portland homeowners can take pride in adopting eco-friendly home improvements. Investing in renewable energy solutions like solar panels or eco-roofs can have a significant impact and may be eligible for local incentives. Smart home technology is on the rise in our tech-savvy city, with automated systems that control lighting, temperature, and water usage contributing to a greener lifestyle. Local purveyors like The ReBuilding Center offer a wealth of sustainable building materials and furniture to help curate a tasteful, environmentally-aware home.

2. Declutter with a Mindful Approach

Portland's environmentally conscious ethos includes a strong culture of repurposing and recycling. As you declutter, consider collaborating with organizations like Free Geek, which refurbishes electronics or local charities that accept furniture and clothing. Once you've tidied up, Portland's array of boutique organizing solutions stores, like the well-curated offerings at The Container Store in Bridgeport Village, can help maintain your peaceful, clutter-free sanctuary.

3. Cultivate Portland's Verdant Charm

Our city's love affair with the outdoors is not confined to forest trails and public parks. This year, make a pledge to bring that love into your own backyard—literally. In Portland, where rain gardens and native plants thrive, initiatives like Backyard Habitat Certification Program encourage residents to craft an oasis that supports local ecosystems. For balcony spaces, Portland Nursery or even stores like City Farm can provide an array of plants perfect for a lush, small-space haven.

4. Stay Proactive with Property Maintenance

Maintaining Portland’s unique architectural gems or your modern eco-conscious abode requires diligence. Establish a routine maintenance calendar that fits our Pacific Northwest climate—whether it's checking for moss on roof tiles, or ensuring that your rain barrels and stormwater management systems are in good working order. For specialized tasks, Portland's wealth of skilled tradespeople and craftsfolk are a call away to help preserve your home’s character and functionality.

5. Integrate Energy-Efficient Practices

In our journey to remain one of the greenest cities in America, small scale, energy-efficient practices make a big difference. Join Portlanders who are already avid recyclers and composters and take new steps like investing in LED lighting or joining a community solar program. Portland General Electric offers programs and incentives to help make your energy usage as efficient and responsible as possible.

6. Support Portland's Thriving Local Economy

Display pride in your city by choosing to support local businesses. Whether you're refurnishing at a specialty shop in Pearl District, hiring a local contractor familiar with the specific needs of Portland homes, or enjoying a meal in one of the city's myriad farm-to-table establishments, such choices invigorate our local economy. Events like Portland's Saturday Market exemplify opportunities to connect with and support local artisans and businesses.

7. Build Community in the City of Roses

No New Year's resolution list for a Portland homeowner would be complete without a commitment to community engagement. The spirit of our city is strong in the various neighborhood associations and community groups. Engage with your local chapter, join a community garden, or participate in neighborhood cleanup efforts. These actions create a sense of belonging and fortify the vibrant, active community for which Portland is known.

In conclusion, these resolutions are about more than just personal gain—they're about continuing to weave the rich fabric of our Portland community. As a homeowner here, you have the opportunity to enhance the character, efficiency, and joy in your dwelling; all while contributing to the broader tapestry of our city. Embrace these resolutions and here’s to a year of positive transformation for your home and the Portland community!

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